The Scent of Christmas Cookies

Mmm, It’s wintertime and it smells so good. Holiday baking, including one of my favorite scents in the world: vanilla extract! About 12 dessert varieties, an unhealthy amount of raw cookie dough eaten, and 3 days later, sweets and treats were ready for Christmas Day! I can’t decide on my favorite, but I’m thinking it’s the family recipe for biscotti cookies–Yum!

On the menu were:
Cookies–Biscotti cut-outs, Raspberry linzer tarts, Oatmeal chocolate chip, Oatmeal with cranberry and white chocolate, Almond crescents, Chocolate hazelnut
Chocolate Covered–pretzels, marshmallows
Toffee–semi-sweet chocolate and white chocolate: click for the recipe!
Cupcakes–red velvet, gingerbread

Try to enjoy by osmosis starting…now:

Like Salty+Sweet Snacks? This simple but delicious toffee treat is sure to please your guests! I love to include these in cookie platters that I bring to people’s houses during the holiday season.

So what’s YOUR favorite holiday treat?

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