Roses Brighten NYC’s Park Avenue Amidst Snow

If you’ve walked along Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan this week, chances are you saw a slew of 25-foot rose sculptures (Come on, they’re pretty hard to miss!). What perfect timing it is for Will Ryman’s playful sculptural project “The Roses” as inches of snow gather on the ground around us!  As the Art Add project comes to an end, The Roses blooms.

Displayed between 57th and 67th Streets, the surrealist roses reach to the sky in variously-designed arrangements. Passersbys witness the curved stems emerging from the dirt, buds blooming and dipping toward the viewers—even fallen petals sprinkling the ground. Creating a massive visual attraction, the 38 brightly-colored pink and red blossoms (some adorned with ladybugs) warm us to the bone as we walk through the frigid streets of the city. They provide a constant reminder of what’s to come in Springtime.

The exhibition, sponsored by the Fund for Park Avenue Sculpture Committee and New York City’s Department of Parks & Recreation Public Art Fund, will be on display now, through this bitter and cold winter and into the largely-anticipated Spring, closing in May, 2011.

Rose sculptures in NYC with ladybug

Ryman rose sculptures in snow

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