All’s Fair in Rock and Voting

Rock Paper Photo presented a private exhibition of fine art photographs on Friday, featuring the most recent set of Rock and Roll Hall of Famers – inducted just the night before – all in the name of  The connection? Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic.  The legendary rocker, whose band was one of the 2014 inductees, is chair of FairVote’s board.

No.8, the swanky velvet-roped formerly-“Bungalow 8” nightclub, filled with a mix of model-types and rocker-types as the night unfolded.  Its usual Cuban-inspired bungalow motif was adorned with blown-up photographs of rock and roll legends for the one-night-only show. Many of the photographs were familiar – the naked baby from the Nevermind album cover, for instance – and were taken by respected photographers of their own right.

I ran into renowned photographer Allan Tannenbaum, whose in-concert shot of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band hung across from the bar.  Orange is the New Black’s Jackie Cruz and musician Constantine Maroulis browsed the work and mingled in the crowd as well.  Novoselic, who spoke about his dedication to FairVote and the empowerment of women in government leadership positions, was gracious as ever, spending time with those in attendance. I was lucky to take a few pictures with him myself!


Krist Novoselic and Mary Alice Franklin in front of Allan Tannenbaum’s exhibited “E Street Band” photograph. (photo credit: Albie Mitchell)

FairVote is a nonprofit that educates and enlivens discourse on how best to remove the structural barriers to a democracy that respects every voice and every vote in every election… acting as a catalyst for electoral reform and voting rights. For more information, visit

Rock Paper Photo specializes in beautifully produced, hand-signed limited edition and largely unpublished prints of iconic moments of musicians and pop culture legends captured by renowned photographers. For more information,

The Rock Paper Photo/ event took place at No.8 in NYC.  (photo courtesy of STUNTMANpr)

The Rock Paper Photo/ event took place at No.8 in NYC. (photo courtesy of STUNTMANpr)

Jackie Cruz

Orange Is The New Black actress Jackie Cruz (photo courtesy of STUNTMANpr)Musician Costantine Mouralis at Rock Paper Photo exhibition with (photo courtesy of STUNTMANpr)Musician Costantine Mouralis (photo courtesy of STUNTMANpr)

Actress (Fargo) Rachel Blanchard (photo courtesy of STUNTMANpr)

Actress (Fargo) Rachel Blanchard (photo courtesy of STUNTMANpr)

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