MOMA Announces 2015 Bjork Retrospective

If ever there was a person whose whole being was so fully immersed in his or her work and art, it’s Bjork.  Lady Gaga, take notes. The line between person and performer, between her life and her artwork, is so blurred that she is the very essence of what she put into the world.  So it makes sense for a contemporary museum to take a closer look.  Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) announced today that it will feature a full-scale retrospective on the performer next year.  According to MOMA’s official press release, the exhibition, Bjork, will “chronicle her career through sound, film, visuals, instruments, objects, costumes, and performance,” including her collaborations with artists in other genres (video directors, fashion designers).

The exhibition, which will be on view from March 7 through June 7, 2015, will culminate with a “newly commissioned, immersive music and film experience conceived and realized with director Andrew Huang and 3-D design leader Autodesk.”

Well, we’re sold!

This announcement comes at the heels of last week’s announcement that MOMA’s first acquired app is Bjork’s Biophilia—a hybrid software app and music album with interactive graphics, animations, and musical scoring that relate directly to the theme of each song.

If the MOMA’s history and Bjork’s work thus far are any indication, this can be a completely immersive, artful and inimitable display.

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