Interpol Plays at Metropolitan Museum of Art, Previews New Album

Even better than seeing a great Interpol concert is seeing the band play songs from their yet-unreleased album, El Pintor, along with songs that haven’t been played live in years… in a cultural and historic landmark museum… in front of ancient Egyptian ruins from 15 B.C.  Such was the scene at Tuesday’s Interpol show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Temple of Dendur – a seemingly intimate show in an overwhelmingly impressive space.

The museum was in full-fledged celebration mode as it launched its brand new iOS app, The Met, earlier in the day; and at night, Interpol geared up for the release of its first album in four years (also its first without bassist Carlos Dengler), which is officially released today.

Eager fans warmly and openly welcomed back the indie rock band, anxious to fill the void that was left those years ago. The brooding band quickly appeased the crowd with a preview of new songs (All the Rage Back Home and Same Town, New Story); a nod to dedicated fans with a few tracks that they haven’t been played since 2011 (according to; and all of the in-between goodness that makes up the band’s ruminating, gloomy persona. Clean, balanced and invigorating.  They didn’t disappoint.

(all photos credits: Mary Alice Franklin)

(photo credit: Mary Alice Franklin)


(photo credit: Mary Alice Franklin)


(Interpol at The Met -- photo credit: Mary Alice Franklin)


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