Stevie Nicks Debuts Unseen Self-Portraits from 1970s

Steve Nicks takes better selfies than you. Or me. Put Together. Last night, Nicks attended The Morrison Hotel Gallery’s press reception, which unveiled a collection of her decades-old Polaroid self-portraits that are finally available for public consumption.  The exhibition dons the same backstory as her newly-released solo album of the same title, 24 Karat Gold: the album consists of older songs that Nicks recently re-discovered and released for the first time.  Similarly, while making of the album, Nicks discovered a shoebox filled with photographs she took in the 70s – during a time when she suffered Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood at Morrison Hotel Gallery's unveiling of 24 Karat Gold from severe insomnia. During these sleepless nights, she staged these portraits to occupy her time.  Decades removed, the photographs still feel engaged, personal and intimate – as though, just when we thought we knew everything about the singer’s sordid past, we discover that there is yet a depth to her personality that the media hasn’t been privy to.

The images have a vintage, sun-kissed and hazy appearance that personifies 1970s California and Nicks’ ethereal temperament.  At the reception, Nicks walked through the room, observing each work that was blown up for the gallery walls and privately discussed them with Mick Fleetwood, who accompanied her through the exhibition.  Christine McVie was also present, as was musician Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics fame), Brooklyn rock band The Attic Ends and photographer Danny Clinch.

24 Karat Gold will be on display today and tomorrow at 201 Mulberry Street before it is moved to its final location at Morrison Hotel Gallery Loft at 116 Prince Street, where it will remain on view through the month of October.

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