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19 Jan 2012

What is SOPA anyway?: About the protest

I didn’t post this yesterday in order to stay,
4 Jan 2012

Style and Color Trends: Spring 2012

Our site’s founder, Mary Alice Franklin, was’s expert
2 Mar 2011

2 Big Announcements

I am so pleased to announce that I am
1 Feb 2011

Google Launches Art Project

**UPDATE: April 3, 2012. Google relaunched today with 151
4 Jan 2011

Metropolitan Museum Launches Video Series, Connections

The Metropolitan Museum of Art plans to launch a
9 Nov 2009

NYC Independent Bookstores Week

If you’re in the New York area, you may
8 Oct 2009

New Feature!: Question of the Week

Good news!  Now that the blog is sufficiently up
28 Sep 2009 Leaves Me No Excuses

I love creative writing.  I don’t mean “writing about