8 Dec 2010

Remembering John Lennon

If only we were all so innovative and forward-thinking. 
7 Dec 2010

Style Genius: My current style idol is Zooey Deschanel

Okay, I admit it, without shame. I adore Zooey
1 Dec 2010

More walls collapse in Pompeii

3 walls have collapsed in Pompeii within 2 days. 
1 Dec 2010

Google honors Rosa Parks

Google honors Rosa Parks today on their home page.
28 Nov 2010

Hundreds of Picasso Works Discovered

According to Pablo Picasso’s son Claude, nearly 300 authentic
25 Nov 2010

Wild Magnolia Studio Featured in Etsy Treasury

I’m so proud that Wild Magnolia Studio’s India Sunrise
23 Nov 2010

Art Through a Third Eye’s Lens

Holy Moley, I feel like a Jetson.  Artistic expression
17 Nov 2010

8 Broadway Plays to Close

*Update: After posting this article , a 9th play
15 Nov 2010

Italy’s Culture to Crumble

Italian government’s announcement to cut the country’s cultural budget
5 Oct 2010

Please Excuse Our Appearance…

Please excuse our appearance and brief hiatus as we