28 Oct 2009

Writing Idea for Write-Minded Friends

I’ve had this problem lately of missing time with
26 Oct 2009

Vinyl Underground laptop bag

I’m so excited! I just received the Vinyl Underground
20 Oct 2009

Imagekind Update

Sorry for the delay in posts!  Busy week indeed. 
8 Oct 2009

New Feature!: Question of the Week

Good news!  Now that the blog is sufficiently up
8 Oct 2009

“American Stories” preview: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Earlier this week, I had the honor of previewing
2 Oct 2009

Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art

Nestled along a seemingly random road on a hill
28 Sep 2009

OneWord.com Leaves Me No Excuses

I love creative writing.  I don’t mean “writing about
25 Sep 2009

Retouched Photos May Require Footer in France

“Warning: Models in this ad may not seem as
22 Sep 2009

Post- Art Show

What could beat taking a walk and browsing through
17 Sep 2009

The Diary 2010 Project Compiles the Work of Hundreds of Artists

Excited to find out today about the progress of